Reviews At My Library

"Reviews At My Library" adds reviews of books, movies, and music to your library's catalog. You can check out other peoples' reviews, and add your own.

Where are the reviews coming from?

Reviews come from three places. Some come from you and other people from your library—library staff often write reviews too! Other reviews come from people and library staff at other libraries around the world. The rest come from members of, a website for book lovers.

If I write a review, where will it go?

Reviews you write can show up in your library's catalog, at other libraries around the world and on You'll always be able to see all your reviews when you log in. Your review will never appear on a site that sells books. Your library's name will always accompany your review.

Do I still "own" my review? Can I post it elsewhere?

You do NOT lose copyright to your review, nor are you restricted where else you may submit or publish it. You may publish your review anywhere you like, and even sell it.

Can I put reviews on my blog?

Put your reviews on your blog

Yes you can! You can let your friends know what you're reading, and what you think of it.

Are reviews moderated?

To guard against spam, many libraries choose to approve reviews before they are publicly available. If your review is not approved from appearing in your library's catalog, you'll still be able to see it if you log in. Read more about what's appropriate for a review in the Terms of Use.

Your reviews will appear on your Facebook page or blog widget whether or not they have been approved.

Reviews from other libraries are moderated by those libraries. reviews are moderated by LibraryThing staff.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Privacy Policy

"At my Library" is a joint service of, your library and other libraries around the world.

By posting your review to this service, you grant both your library and LibraryThing a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free right to display, use, aggregate, modify, adapt, publish, transform, create derivative works from and perform your review in any venue or media, online or offline.

This grant is restricted as follows:

  1. Reviews can only be used on your library, at other libraries designated by, on other sites designed for libraries and their patrons, and on Your reviews will not appear on any site devoted to bookselling.
  2. Your review will always be accompanied by some indication of your library.
  3. No party to these terms will sell any personally-identifiable information to anyone else.

Please note that, by submitting a review, you do NOT lose copyright to it, nor are you restricted where else you may submit or publish it. You may publish your review anywhere you like, and even sell it.

The Library reserves the right to edit or remove reviews that do not follow these guidelines.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collected by At my Library may include: User name, email address, security and abuse-monitoring data such as IP address and Browser/OS version. At my Library collects PII to provide and support user reviews in libraries, as well as to collect and analyze usage analytics.

To request deletion of your account along with all PII (as defined above) and all reviews written, write to