Add your reviews to your blog

"Reviews at my Library" is available as a "blog widget." Blog widgets are simple pieces of JavaScript that can be added to most blog templates. If your blogging platform does not accept JavaScript, it will not accept the Reviews At My Library blog widget.

Cut and paste the following code into your blog.

Recent reviews from Cass District Library

Advanced options

Handy with HTML? Here are some fun tweaks for you.

  1. Reviews categories - add &category=(category name) to URL at the end of "Recent reviews from your library". This will show only reviews checked with that category. More instructions here.
  2. To improve loading, you can put move the "script" portion of the code to the bottom of your page. This will prevent the widget from loading until the page is finished.
  3. The widget loads its own CSS. If you change the script URL to include &css= and another URL, you can load your own CSS. If you add &css=none no CSS will be loaded.
  4. CSS classes include LTFL_widget, LTFL_title, LTFL_contents, LTFL_footer, LTFL_titleandauthor, LTFL_title, LTFL_bookreview, LTFL_rating and LTFL_item.
  5. To include reviews from more than one library (for example in a consortium situation), use a libraries= parameter instead of a library= parameter (replacing XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX with each library's LTFL account number): libraries=XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX,XXXX-XXXXXXXXXX